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Roof Repair in Lansing

Roof Repair in Lansing

Capital Roofing is a certified, licensed, and insured roofing contractor in Lansing. We offer the best roof repair in Lansing with attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and easy financing options for our customers. We are one of the few Lansing MI roofing contractors to offer continuous reporting to homeowners on the progress of the project.

Types of roof repairs we offer

We are experts in offering roof replacements, repairs and maintenance, new construction, re-roofing, and snow preparation. Our certified team of technicians possesses several years of experience in fixing roof repairs and provide you with the highest quality workmanship.

Besides, we are a licensed and insured firm, which allows us to provide warranty on roof systems and workmanship to our clients. We use the best industry standards, highest quality materials, and comply with the building codes in Michigan to provide you with a remarkable result.

How much does it cost to patch a roof?

On average, minor roof repairs can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, and major roof repairs can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Most homeowners spend between $400 and $1,100 for a roof repair, and the cost of roof replacement can cost over $3,000. These costs are for homes that are around 1500 to 2000 sq. Ft. large with asphalt shingle roofs.

High-end roof repairs that involve repairs on the material beneath the roof’s outer layer can cost over $3,000. Also, the cost of fixing repairs on a flat and single-ply roof can go anywhere from $400 to $1,000. Fixing repairs on a slate and stone-like roofs revolves around $500 to $1,500. We are one of the leading contractors to offer roofing repairs in East Lansing at the lowest prices.

Roof maintenance tips for homeowners

The right level of care and maintenance can protect your roof from potential repairs and prolong its life. Here are some tips on how to maintain your roof:

  • Inspect your roof every season - Closely monitor your roof for curled, damaged, or missing shingles and do not forget to check the integrity of the caulk around the flashing and the vent pipes. Be sure to call the best roofers in Lansing, MI, to address these issues right away.
  • Clean the gutters - Gutters help direct water and debris away from your roof and foundation. Make sure to clean your gutter once every three months as blocked leaves, sticks, and other debris can cause moisture-related issues.
  • Trim tree branches hanging over your roof - Large tree branches that chaff against your roof can shed dead leaves and debris on your roof, which can cause moisture to seep in and cause more extensive problems. Trim the branches that hang directly above your roof to prevent them from falling on your roof during storms, heavy rains, and winds.

Call Capital Roofing at 517-896-5872 to schedule a roof repair with our technicians. We offer roof repair in Lansing with a team of highly experienced and skilled roofers at affordable prices. We are a reliable locally-owned Lansing roof repair company with the shortest turnaround time.

Roof Repair in Lansing
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