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We utilize the best equipment and cleaning soaps on the market to provide superior results.

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We have been in business remodeling homes since 1987.

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Roof Cleaning Company

At Ogilvie Roof Cleaning, we specialize in removing and killing the black algae, moss, and lichen that are destroying your roof and staining your siding. Algae, moss, and Lichen have firmly planted root systems which pull at your shingles, cause them to cup and eventually detach and fall off. A dirty roof can also lead to an algae outbreak which can cause leaks which will ultimately destroy the structural integrity of your roof. A shingles main purpose is to repel water. 

The more growth that is on your roof, the more water that is being held on the roof. This is more evident after a rain storm and the black streaks become overwhelming. One thing is for sure, a 30 year warrantied roof will not get close to its full life, if not cleaned and maintained. A dirty roof may void your warranty if a leak occurs, and may cause a problem with your insurance company. Don’t be stuck with the cost of replacement.

What's On Your Roof?

Did You KNow?

Algae, Moss, and Lichen can shorten the life expectancy of your shingles. A Dirty Roof is the #1 cause for premature roof failure!

Do you have black dark stains or streaks on the shingles of your roof or siding? Do you see green moss or algae on your roof or house? If so, take action because your house is under attack!

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Services Offered

There are many services that we at Ogilvie specialize in. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Roof Cleaning

Algae,Mold, and Lichen can cause a roof to leak, leading to increased repair costs.

Siding Cleaning

Soft wash siding cleaning will Safely & Effectively clean the dirt and grime and reveal a new shine.

About Ogilvie Roof Cleaning

Ogilvie Roof Cleaning Co. is a Long Island Roof Cleaning, Soft Washing and Power Washing Contractor. We utilize the best equipment and cleaning soaps on the market to provide superior results. We fully understand the main causes to each part of the home’s algae growth and have the most effective solution to eradicate the problem. Whether your roof, siding, or other surface is dirty, utilizing our Soft Wash equipment, you can rest assure that we will never cause any damage like pressure washing can. Never let anyone power wash your roof! It will cause damage to the shingles that can only be fixed by roof replacement.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our work, including offering a 3 year warranty.

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We beat the pricing of all of our competitors.

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3 Year


​Here at a Ogilvie Roof Cleaning Co. we are dedicated to keeping your roof clean and your house looking as nice as the day it was built. To show the confidence we have in our service, we provide a 3 year advantage warranty on all roof cleanings!

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